Why Kerala is so awesome | Facts About Kerala -The God’s Own Country

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When one thinks of nature merged with serenity, only one thing comes to mind, yes we’re talking about Kerala- God’s own country as it is popularly called. Kerala is the choice for those who are wanting to escape into nature and it’s charisma.

Located in the Southern part of India, this small state has gained worldwide attention. It has gained worldwide attention in many aspects. A land which is gifted with nature, backwaters, and tourism drives people all around the globe to this green heaven, The backwaters cover almost half of the length of Kerala. Districts called Idukki and Wayanad are a paradise for the tourists. These amazing lands have so much to offer to the people who love adventure. And then there is Thrissur. The cultural capital of Kerala, a land that produces breathtaking festivals, customs rituals, and many more! Kozhikode and Malappuram will amuse the world with their food. One of the bustling cities in Kerala can be found in Kochi, Ernakulam yes the “Queen of the Arabian Sea” is a favorite hub of tourists and every archeology enthusiast since it has many ancient places, jews street, and synagogues and lot more. Another reason why Kerala is so awesome is because of its own people. Yes, the very famous Mallus! The so-called Malayalees are very well known to the entire world. They are smart, intelligent, in short Mallus falls under the category of those people who place their prestige above everything else. These people are just exceptional, you can find a mallu in every corner of the world.

Kerala food! the delicious & mouth-watering dishes! Kerala is famous for its food too. A large variety of foods are available in these gods’ own country from local Sadhya to Arabian dish Mandi, Kerala has a plethora of food varieties. Kerala is a paradise of Ayurveda, even today with the most modern technology of medicine Kerala still uses the ancient Ayurvedic method to cure diseases! No one can beat Kerala in terms of literacy rate. This people’s gifted land stands first in terms of literacy at a rate of 9.91%! Kerala is home to the vast variety of herbs and also known as the spice coast of India, it is also the home to one of the world’s hottest hotspot, Kerala even shares and nourishes a special relationship with elephants, If we start pointing about the reasons why Kerala is awesome it will never end.

These 500 words will never be enough to explain how awesome Kerala is! This small land will never stop to amuse the world. Kerala is undoubtedly god’s own country, people who want to explore this land are always welcome.