Free Digital Marketing Course With Google Certification

Everyone knows Digital Marketing is evolving day by day, More companies are adapting into Digital Marketing. The reasons are plenty, Traditional marketing is becoming just less effective when it is compared to Digital Marketing. So it is obvious that Digital Marketing is producing a lot of jobs in the present and the capacity to produce a better career will only grow in the coming days too. So Google is providing a digital marketing course, that is too even free! With certification!

Don’t you want to become Google Certified Digital Marketing!? The course is provided by a program called Digital Unlocked,an initiative by Google in association with FICCI and Indian School of Business, to help Indian businesses unlock exponential growth with digital. So these programs are providing courses based on 3 categories which are Data and Tech, Digital Marketing, & Career Development. The free Digital Marketing course comes in the Digital Marketing Section as Fundamentals of Digital Marketing.So let’s get more insight to the course.

Through this course you will be able to master the basics of Digital Marketing, the course consists of 26 modules which possess the duration of 40 hours. The best thing is all these content are created by google trainers packed full of pragmatic exercises and real-world examples to help you turn knowledge into action. The features of the course includes Self-paced learning, Video tutorials, Unlimited access, and google certification too.

Free Digital Marketing Course With Google Certification

After completing the modules there will be a final test which you can take at any time, you will need to score 80% on that exam to qualify the exam. Google will send the certificate to your email id which you registered. One of the major benefits of this certificate will reflect as the qualification on your CV. The Cv will look more professional when it will show the google certified certificate and will also give the employer a better impression too. You can also add this to your LinkedIn profile too.

This is one of the best opportunities provided by Google. By doing this course you will be able to learn digital marketing basics and by demonstrating these skills can improve the chances for getting a job. This is not at all a rocket science, if you can spend some time on this course it may reward you a better career.