How Individual difference Influence Organizational Behaviour

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So basically what is an organization? Organization can be defined in many ways but simply saying organization can be defined as a team or bench of people who work together to achieve a common goal. An organization can be divided into 3 aspects. One is it will be designedly coordinated. Second is it will be made of two or more people. At last it will have a common goal

Coming to the depth, the foundation of the organization behaviour is based on different elements, Individual difference is the first of the, so let’s break down. Individual difference consists of mainly 3 areas which are.

Every person is unique and different, This point should be highly considered when a running Organization, every people is unique simply means every individual think in different way, they work in different way, instead of seeing this as a problem it should be considered as a opportunity, an opportunity to get many ideas, opportunity to get different outcomes and an opportunity to see things from different angles!

Differences are more substantial than manageable, Most of the people think it is hard to manage the different people instead of thinking how to utilize those differences in an Organization. An organization will only achieve it’s ultimate aim if it can effectively deal with the assets which means the em[ployees in the organization. So like mentioned in the above it is important to consider the differences are more substantial rather the thought of managing it

Ideas come from psychology, this statement is important as much as the above two. So basically the field of psychology lays the foundation for this. Many theories and researchers had been done and still this field is of utmost importance. And the principles taken from these studies have been utilized for better productivity and employee management. One of the iconic experiments is the Hawthorne studies and likewise many. Some of the achievement tests developed by psychologists have been utilized for the purpose of screening. In short, we can say that since the time of interview to placement to resignation, psychological principles have got an influence, which is quite important.

These above mentioned details clearly give a picture of how Individual differences play a vital role in shaping organizational behaviour. Individual difference should be considered as
A very vital aspect and dealing it in the right would produce amazing results.