How to Control Anger: 11 Tips to Stay Calm

Just like happiness, anger is also a completely normal and appropriate emotion. Being humans it is the natural tendency to feel angry about something which we don’t like or when we feel offended. Things get complicated when you find it out of your control. Getting angry at the most trivial issues, not been able to control it, bursting out in to tears, not being able to express the perfect emotions are the few variant issues related to anger. Gradually it would take up your whole personality. 

Better late than never to control your anger before it controls you.

How to Control Anger: Tips to Help You Stay Calm

Here are a few tips for effective anger management in daily life:

Escape from the situation
: This may seem to be silly but it actually works. There are situations that are totally not in your hand. And acting out the anger is something which you can’t even think of. In such situations, it is always better to flee from the scene and relax somewhere you find peace. You can even go for a brisk walk. If you find it difficult, then trying for a mental escape from the negative vibes would do it.

Deep breathing
: Breathing doesn’t only allow to reduce anger but also would help you in increasing more positive emotions with the higher concentration of oxygen supply into the brain. Try to take deep breaths from your nose and exhale it out from the mouth for a few seconds of intense anger.

Fake laughter
: There is a procedure called facial feedback hypothesis. It states that if your arrange your facial expression in some emotion for say, happiness, then after few minutes you will gradually feel better and may experience happiness. Whenever you feel the anger, try to put a fake smile in face for few minutes and you will restore the positive vibes in few minutes.

Try journaling
: Nowadays very few people decide to jot down their feelings. Using a personal diary may seem out dated but is effective. You could find a new medium to express the repressed anger within you. And since, it is not going to hurt anyone so you can write whatever comes to your mind.

Try other channels
: There are other channels of showing your emotions. You could creatively channelize your anger in to something more productive like a painting, gardening or even poetry. People could select the best channel according to their ability.

Muscular relaxation
: There is a technique called Progressive Muscular Relaxation. In this, you are supposed to sit relaxed with a good posture and slowing focusing on specific muscles on each body parts there by contracting and learning to relax. When you are in a public place you can even go for the facial muscles itself. Before practicing it make sure you don’t have any major injury or wounds.

Understand your emotion
: It is very important to have a perfect understanding about your emotion and the core reason behind it. There are times when we get angry at things for which we are not angry about. The repressed emotions in the past may end up in creating a fuss over your mind and behavior. So try to relax and find out where it went wrong and why do you feel the way you feel. Later try to solve the core issue making things back under self-control.

Manage stress
: Stress becomes the core reason for high levels of anger. We usually try reducing the anger giving not much importance to the over linked stress. Try reducing the high levels of stress which you are facing for whatever reasons concerned.

Talk to someone
: We don’t always need solutions. Simply ventilating the emotions to someone we trust and love is all that makes us happy. And there is no harm in doing so. Even though the person didn’t provide you with any answers you might feel a bit relaxed. Try to express it in a composed manner because showing more anger would only reinforce it.

No to alcohol and drugs
: From the thousand reasons to stop the usage, this is one. It will lower your inhibitions and make it difficult to control the emotions. It works directly by affecting your brain and hormones making it out of your control once consumed.

Therapy: You should always have a self-understanding on when a therapy is needed. To some extent when things are under control you will feel better. It is not the same always. There are occasions where you need a professional advice who would help you out in the behavioral issue. Anger management therapies could either be group or individuals.

Empathize: Empathy involves trying to look at things from another’s perspectives. When you feel angry at someone for something, try to look at things from their own point of view. May be what you are doing is right but that doesn’t mean the other person is wrong. Taking up things too subjectively is where people go wrong. It need a bit of cognitive hard work which is worth it.

People always think anger is an inbuilt emotion and I can’t change it. Things are not always the same. Emotions and behavior in any manner could be unlearned if we wish to. All you need is a voluntary effort to change the negative vibes in life. So the next time you feel the most intense level of anger keep these tips in mind. May be at least one may help you out.