How To Control The Stress And Anxiety Due To COVID 19?

Anxiety could be described as the apperception about a future danger while stress is the body’s reaction towards a threat or danger. In the modern world both these terms are very common since the majority of population from children to the older adults have been experiencing these in one way or the other. Sometimes these becomes so intense that individuals find it difficult to control it by themselves and end up in serious mental issues like anxiety disorders, panic attacks, stress disorders and depression.

During this period of Corona Virus, people all over the world are messed up since their normal level of life has been totally disturbed. Some who have enough resilience could easily fight back, while others may find the situation life threatening and nearly impossible to survive. The first thing that we should understand is, to some extent it’s normal to have this feeling. Let’s look at a few points to remember during this COVID season so as to keep yourself and your loved ones in good mental health.

  •  No Obsession: Repeatedly watching the news and getting over informed about the death rates would only cause you more harm. It’s good to keep informed. So try to reduce the time of watching news and updates, more importantly only rely on an authentic source. Keep this in mind while sharing the information so as you don’t create a panic among the fellow human beings. Obsession should also be reduced in terms of the ruminant thought about death and infection. This is a global pandemic but as long as you are healthy, there is no need to worry. In many people this just comes and goes like a common cold. So you must have a good physical and mental health.
  • Take care of your body: As mentioned above as long as you have a healthy physique and mind you are resilient. So try to include good and nutritious food in your diet. Increasing the amount of Vitamin C is very important. You can even consult a good physician who will guide you through the process. Try not to take medication without a proper consultation. And try to avoid outside food as far as possible. And stay away from drugs and alcohol which is of no use. Don’t forget to take regular baths and sleep. Try to maintain a fixed time for sleep so as not to disturb your circadian rhythm.
  • Understand Yourself: Whenever you feel highly stressed or anxious, it’s very important to understand the root cause of it. Whether it is rational or irrational. Try to get an idea of your feelings and bodily changes. If you are finding it difficult by yourself, then talk to your near ones or even a therapist who can guide you through a proper session. Nowadays there are many online counselling and therapy sessions available that too free from professionals.
  •  Seek and give help: Offering help to someone in need is something great that you can do during this time. The feeling of satisfaction is really relaxing for our mind. Try to indulge in such community activities which you can afford and never feel shy to seek the same if you really need. Humans are bound to be social. Such activities may make you feel your worth hence is helpful in reducing the stress.
  • Practice relaxation techniques: It is very important to engage yourself in some form of relaxation techniques during this time even if you are not feeling anxious or stressed. Such activities may make you feel more freshen up and easy. Five minute meditation every day in the morning is very helpful. You can find a lot of meditation videos from social media like Youtube. Ample amount of exercise is also equally important for our body. If we are not physically fit, how can we expect ourselves to be mentally active? Involving in leisure activities like painting, gardening, cooking, stitching, dancing all involves under the relaxation methods. Do what you feel to and what you always wanted to but was never able to because of the hectic life schedules.
  •  Be connected: Though you can’t meet your friends and loved ones for real, you can even have a virtual meeting with them. Having a quality time with them will make you feel more cared and relaxed. Try to have a positive conversation with them and at the same time open up your negative feelings if any. This might be equally helpful for you and the other one on the phone. Try to be in touch continuously so that you can deal with the empty feeling to a large extent.

You don’t have to do any complex activities, because it’s sometimes the small things that matter more. Moreover let’s hope for the best.