How to Land Your First Job on Upwork: 7 Tips

The one thing you need to get from your first job on Upwork

I know that the people who are reading this must have an Upwork account or planning to start their passive income journey in Upwork.

Upwork is one of the top online freelance platforms. It connects clients with freelance professionals around the globe. But making money from Upwork is not easy as you believe!

Even if your Upwork profile is 100% ready, it doesn’t guarantee you any freelance work. Similarly, a well-written job proposal is also not enough to find a job.

Then what all are the proper procedures to follow in order to find the first few clients? How to present yourself and your profile in front of your potential clients, what kind of projects you should be applying for, these are the kind of questions racing through every new freelancer’s mind.

First of all, don’t be discouraged from the early-stage results, you might be sent 10 proposals or more! Always look back to the proposals you sent and analyze why they didn’t hire you.

  1. Did you really sell yourself?
  2. Did you apply for the relevant job which matches your profile?
  3. Why did they reject you?

7 Tips to find your first client on Upwork

  • Results-focused headline
  • Begin your profile with a testimonial
  • Understand the JD before applying
  • Never talk too early about the rates
  • Target one core
  • Write about “you” more than “I”
  • Finish the cover letter with “Call to Action”

It takes time to build a fulfilling career on Upwork. don’t give up early.