How to Write a Resume: Resume Writing Tips

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A resume is a one or two-page document submitted by the job aspirants to the recruiters. A resume is a written brief summary of candidate work experience, educational background, and skills. Resumes are used to make a favorable impression of the candidate. Your resume creates the first impression an employer has of you. For this reason, Making an effective resume will help you to reach your dream job.

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The Importance of a Resume:

Consider the Resume as a tool to marketing yourself in front of your potential employer. It’s more than just a 2page document: It outlines your experience, background, skills, education, and expertise. So, by reading your resume hiring manager gets an idea about whether you’re fit for the position or not!

  • Resume reaches the recruiters much before than you do
  • Resume tells about you to recruiters on behalf of you
  • Resume do the marketing for you
  • Resume showcase your skills to recruiters
  • Resume summarize your career journey

How to Make a Effective Resume:

1.Different Resume for Different Jobs

Let’s begin by clarifying “Different resume for different jobs” Basically, you’d have a distinctly different resume but the content in the resume should be different depending on the role you’re applying for. If you’re pursuing different roles but you only have one resume then! there is no point in applying for different jobs. Produce different resumes or edit the content merely depending on Job you’re applying for.

2.Focus on Text

Automated applicant tracking systems (ATS) do the first read before the recruiters these days. These robots won’t be impressed with all your fancy words, use keywords more relevant to the job.

3.Never Over-complicate Content:

Never overcomplicate content on your resume. Mention only what is required. The resume must have these four sections: Education qualification, work experience, Skills, and Contact details.

4.Don’t be Generic.

Try to avoid overused words from your resume like ‘hardworking’, ‘team player’ and ‘ambitious’

5.Write Your Work Experience Before Your Education

Unless you just graduated from college, put your work experience before your education. If you’ve been in the workforce for a few years, recruiters don’t care so much about your educational accomplishments. They want to see your professional experience and skills.

6.Showcase Your Achievements

add specific details about what you achieved in from your past job experiences while writing the achievement add power words like ‘launched’, ‘influenced’ and ‘increased/decreased.’ to get more attention from recruiters

7.Keep It Short and Sweet

Hiring manager loses interest after reading the first page of your resume. An average hiring manager spends over 60 seconds for reviewing a resume, you need to make the resume as short as possible with relevant information

8.Use Bullet Points with Keywords

Bullet points with relevant information will demonstrate your skills and experience better than a long paragraph

9.Ask for Review

Once, you create the resume its good to seek review from another pair of eyes. Asking for the review friend or coworker to look over your resume.