The Land of Cultural Ethnicity | Culture And Heritage

Traditions dating back to more than 30 thousand years, customs and rituals evolved over time, religious practices, week-long wedding events, festivities throughout the year, age-old culture blended with modernity- everything goes hand in hand here. This is India – the land of cultural ethnicity.

Stating that India is rich in culture, is so underrated, it is beyond that. Each state, each city, each locality has its own culture, food, dressing etc which give them unique identities.

North, South, East, or West, be it any part of the country, one will surely be amazed by its cultural vibe, that is still held precious by all generations, even in the 21st century. Addressing the names with a suffix ‘ji’ as a sign of respect in North, welcoming all with a broad smile in South, the tribal culture, the tribal folk dance, food and crafts offered by East, the colorful art and craft life in the West, are just to name a few.

And guess what? Holding onto the culture with so much pride, passing it on from generation to generation, is in itself a culture!!

Culture of India
Culture of India

India is best known for its diversity in culture, food, language, customs, religions, etc. Anyone who lives or visits here is mesmerized by its culture. No wonder some great men including Steve Jobs had a life-changing experience after their visit to India. Because this culture is truly worth experiencing !!