Language Malayalam – What is the language of Kerala?


Malayalam is the official language of Kerala but here in Kerala several other languages are spoken too. in fact, a good percentage of people in Kerala are able to handle English and tamil. The language Malayalam is one of the Classical Language in India. Before the land Kerala was called Malayalam, mala meaning mountain and alam mean region.

The earlier language was used to be called as Malayanma. Malayalam is a distinct language which evolved from Pazhantamizh. But has a significant amount of Sanskrit words and tamil words because of that people are getting confused and assuming  Malayalam is derived from Tamil and Sanskrit. The fact is sanksritisation of Malayalam happened only around 15–the 16th century and due to the migration of Indo-aryans. Malayalam was not an administrative Language in India and but still, it remained the as popular language of India.

90 percent of Keralites use Malayalam as their main language. while English and Tamil are the two other languages widely used in Kerala. The literacy rate in State Kerala is 99% its more than any other state in India. because of the good education system majority of the people are capable of handlle basic English and Tamil for their communication.