How to Control Emotions in the Workplace?

For better productivity it’s very important to have a good grip on your emotions. No matter if you are the employee or the employer, you will fail in job if can’t control your own emotions. Being humans it’s very natural to have an emotional outburst, but everything lies on how effectively you manage it. Especially in a workplace where each and every expression does have a direct or indirect influence on your job.

Here are a few strategies on how to manage the so called negative emotions, there by replacing them with more positive ones:

Know your emotions: A good self-understanding is very important. So that you can have a better control over it once you feel the trigger. The triggers could be some physiological responses like high heart rate, breathing or BP. Once you can sense such changes in your body, try to be calm and silent. If you can then escape from the particular situation, this would eventually help you in being more emotionally comfortable.

Draw the boundaries: Many of the individuals try to compensate the negative emotions at home and vice versa. And eventually they end up in creating a fuss in both the environment. You should know the boundary. Leave behind the negative emotions at home and go to the office. You can jump back into it once you reach back home.

Have a self-talk: It’s only you who can understand your emotions. So whenever you feel like you can’t take it further, just have some fresh air and talk to yourself. Try to understand about what is creating the emotional distress and is it worthy enough. Try to arrive at a logical conclusion taking into regard all the points.

Lower your expectations: It’s sometimes the very high expectations that cause the major trouble. You tend to always assume things to go in your favor. And if something deviates from those expectations, you may feel offended. This is where you need to work. Try to understand that everyone has their own personal choices and they will only act accordingly. So there is no point in crying over things you can’t control. The only thing you can control is your emotions and you should be more objective in that.

Practice relaxation strategies: You don’t have to go for any complex methods. Just practices some breathing exercises or some yoga could help you out. You can even perform some visualization activities. All of these could be done in your workplace itself. Whenever you feel the triggers, go for performing the relaxation activities, which would naturally reduce the intensity of the negative emotions.

Have a personal space: Whenever you feel like stressed out at work, you could shift to some convenient personal space for at least a few minutes. This would help you in restoring the positive affect and also an opportunity for some fresh air.

Physical health: There is a direct relationship between the physical and emotional health. For a good emotional life, it is equally important to take care of your body. Have enough sleep, take good and nutritious food, have plenty of water and do regular exercise.

Say no to alcohol and drugs: Among the various other reasons to stop using them, this is one. Increased use of alcohol and drugs would reduce your ability to inhibit the emotions. It acts directly on the neurotransmitters. Which make it difficult to inhibit the emotions no matter how much we try.

Journaling: There is nothing wrong in jotting down your feelings and emotions. It’s always better to open up your emotions rather than suppressing it consciously. Journaling would help you in expressing your emotions in a more effective and convenient manner without hurting other’s feelings.

Quality time: Try to take breaks from your job and spend some quality time with your family and loved ones. No matter how much pissed off we were at work, a good conversation with your friends would assuredly make you feel better. If you have any resolved issues deep within, you can talk to them and may ask for advises.

Silence: It is very important to control your anger at work. If you burst out, then things could change drastically. Whenever you feel like getting it out of control, try to keep silence and sit alone for few minutes. Expressing anger would only reinforce it’s probability.

These are all very simple and effective. You can probably control the unwanted emotions yourself. But when things go out of hand there is nothing wrong in getting aid from someone else. No matter what the matter is, try to make sure there is a proper balance between your emotional and work life.