benefits of customer journey mapping

Customer Journey: 3 Stages Explained

The consumer journey is a roadmap detailing how a consumer turns into aware of your business operation, their interactions together with your brand or product–and beyond. Here’s the purchaser adventure definition: In marketing customer journey refers to the stages, In which customers path towards the […]

Posted on 2 years ago
What is Sex Education?

Importance of Sex Education

Did you know that only 34% of young people around the world can provide accurate information on HIV prevention and transmission? And that 2/3 of girls from some developing and underdeveloped countries do not know what happens to them when they have their first menstruate? […]

Posted on 2 years ago
Are You Really Listening? Steps For Effective Listening

Are You Really Listening? Steps for Effective Listening

Listening is the most important aspect of communication. If you do not listen carefully to what the person is saying, it might end up in misunderstandings. Not only in a formal kind of communication, the art of listening must be practiced well even in the […]

Posted on 2 years ago
Work Ethic and Minimizing Stress in the Workplace

The purpose of Work Ethic and Minimizing Stress in the Workplace

We all have life-changing moments. It disrupts the mind and negatively affects work performance. It is exhausting finding a balance between both sides. Work ethic is important in managing stress, especially in the workplace. Although there are many ways to manage stress, it’s important to […]

Posted on 2 years ago

DELHI CITY – A Virtual Delhi tour

From, the better knownChandni Chowk to Qutub Minar,Cannaught Place to Sarojini Market,Delhi Gate to India GateLotus Temple to Red Fort” To the lesser known Street bazaars and destinations….. Every little aspect of Delhi, the capital is mesmerizing. Traveling India, without stepping into this incredible capital […]