Growing Virtual Presence In Students Lives

The once bustling classrooms, filled with noises and laughter are all now far from dreams. The recent situation has put the global student community bewildered about their future. While many institutions have started online classes, it has become a growing concern for the parents as students of all ages are now spending a considerable amount of time on the internet. Why is this a concern? Let’s find out.

Health Concerns:

Spending more than a particular time, can cause serious health issues. Getting exposure to screen, may impact the vision of the student, cause headache and thereby affect their overall health.

Lack of Personal Touch

Virtual classes have become easily accessible to students but it certainly lacks the inter personal touch on the teachers’ part, which used to be the major benefit of traditional classroom experience.

Accessibility and Affordability

A majority of the students across the world are still living in conditions where internet accessibility is poor. In other cases, even if there are good network connections, some students come from families which cannot afford personal computers/laptops/internet connection.

These issues have been constantly worrying the students as well as their parents. Let’s try to find the possibilities for addressing these issues

  1. Using plain glasses while reading online, Doing little eye exercises every often, taking a break in between the sessions, etc would help to beat the issue of health concerns among students who spend much time in front of the screen.
  2. It is difficult to create an interpersonal touch in virtual classes. But with the right kind of teaching and communication approach and parental guidance, students can do better.
  3. In order to beat this problem institutions and government bodies must make sure that no child is let out in their strive for online education. Making the network-accessible at affordable rates would help this.

Though there are above-mentioned problems with online education being conducted, it is extremely helpful and time-saving as well. The Internet definitely has the answers above anything under the sun. Just making the right use of it would act as a boon.