Tips For Your First Day At Work

There is an old saying, first impression is the best impression and now this is scientifically supported by various researches for almost 70% of cases the first impression remains the best one. Hence, it’s very important to give your best on the first day of work.

Moreover, it’s one of the most memorable days of work. You may forget the other things but not how you started it. We all want that day to be the best day and that’s how it should be.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Be Punctual: You don’t have to be very early in order to impress the manager. It’s enough to be on time. Punctuality plays a major role in determining our personality, so try to be on time. And don’t be in a hurry that would only complicate the scene. Don’t rush but be on time should be the rule.
Relax: Feeling anxious at such a situation is quite normal. But, don’t let your anxiety engulf you. Be relaxed and comfortable. Have some water and take a deep breath before entering the office. And more importantly, try to keep a smiling face. Even if you are not feeling to, a smile on the face would eventually lighten up your mood and make you less anxious.
Observe: You can’t be a pro in one day. So take time and indulge in keen observation. Give attention to each and every detail on how things are been handled and how everyone behaves and has a mental note of it. Don’t stare on anyone, rather be soft.
Be You: Don’t try to be too pleasing to create a good impression. Be yourself and that would be enough. This is where many of the people go wrong where they try to be overwhelming in the rush to impress their colleagues. This would make you more-clumsy.
Talk to everyone: When you enter a new place there is a tendency to be attracted to some more than others. But this is what should be avoided. You may get enough time to make and indulge in friendships but your first day is not the right day. Take your time to get to know about everyone and then indulge in deep friendships.
Well dressed: The first thing to get noticed in a person is their dressing style so try to be modest and clean in your dressing. Don’t be overdressed, but keep it simple and enough. The dressing should be according to the norms of the workplace.
Be Prepared: Be prepared with the documents that are needed in the day. Try to make a good and clear self-introduction. This would give the best impression of you. Try to make the introduction simple and crisp. Don’t try to make it over enhancing. The key should always be original and simple.
No to mobiles: Keep your phone on silent mode. Not only on your first day but every day of work. Using your phone would create a break in the work and also a bad impression even if you have finished the work on time.
Don’t be shy: This is a natural tendency to feel shy in a novel situation. But you have to fight your inhibitions and let the first day be the first start. Don’t be shy and be confident in your posture, work, and even dressing. Keep in mind to have a good body language and move ahead.
Don’t isolate: You may be a new bird in the nest but since you have arrived, you are one among them understand that and move ahead. Try to befriend at least one of your colleagues. Move around and introduce yourself to everyone and let them reciprocate the same. That’s how new connections are made.
In total, you don’t have to do extraordinary things to impress your manager and colleagues. Be yourself and try to be simple in your mannerisms. This is what is expected and not exaggerated things.


Remember, the more you try to be overly impressive the more it will have a negative influence on your personality.

We hope these tips would work for you.

Tips For Your First Day At Work.
Tips For Your First Day At Work.