Top 8 Google Ads Metrics To Track

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One of the most vital advantages that Digital Marketing possesses than Traditional Marketing is data. Yes, that data is an important aspect. In Digital Marketing the activities are based on pure data, data helps to make accurate decisions it helps to change the strategies and data can be stated as the core. So the platforms which are used in Digital Marketing should possess these qualities too. No other platform comes near the Google Ads in this scenario, There are reasons why google Ads is the king of it, Google is the most used search engine in the globe it is a well known fact. And this reason only proves why google can contribute so much valuable information as data.


It is the first in the basic metric of google ads. Any time your ad appears on google search or shown on google network it is considered as an impression. This metric is used to evaluate how often your ad is being shown.


As per the name this metric is counted as when someone clicks your ad. It is considered as one the important metric in the platform, the number clicks will help to determine the performance of the ad, it can indicate your ad performance is whether meeting the expected performance.


Ctr or click through rate, is the metric that shows in a percentage format. It measures how often people will interact with your ad after it is shown to them. CTR metric will help to analyse the effectiveness of the ad.

Average cost

This metric indicates the average amount spent for an interaction. In simple words it is calculated by the total amount of cost divided by the total interaction.


Cost is the total sum you spend during the ad campaign. In order to get the top results, you need to utilize the best out of the cost to get the best results.


Conversion can be stated as the goal for the campaign. For each campaign, the condition for conversions will change, for example for text ads it will be clicked and for video ads it will be viewed. Conversions shows how many users meet the goal of the campaigns after clicking it.

Cost Per Conversion

Cost per conversion is the average cost incurred for a conversion. Conversion is one of the major aspects in a campaign, the cost per conversion should be as low as possible to get the best results.

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is a metric that will help to understand the performance of the campaign. The higher the conversion rate the better the performance of the campaign. It means how often or on average that interaction leads to the conversion.

Google Ads, google ads metrics, conversion, CTR, Avg cpc,
Google Ads, google ads metrics, conversion, CTR, Avg cpc,

By analyzing the above-mentioned metrics you will be able to take decisions that will determine the result of the campaign. These analyses will help to figure out what changes should be done or it will give you an idea for optimization of an ad.