How To Handle Stress At Work?

The term ‘stress’ could be considered as one of the most common psychological term used on a daily basis. In absolute terms, it is the feeling of emotional and physical tension. There will always be a triggering factor which will lead to the feelings of stress. The reasons may include a major life change like death of a loved one to the very trivial issue like having an exam. There are definitely individual differences on how a situation is been dealt with.

Fortunately, stress is not always harmful. Basically there are two types of stress: Eustress and Distress. Eustress is what you should develop because it is healthy and will increase your productivity. When the Eustress becomes high it will be converted to distress, which people usually describe simply as, ‘stress’. Sometimes the intensity of stress becomes so high that it becomes a disorder in itself. So, it is very important to have a healthy mind with a high resilience against stress.

People usually report different signs of being stress. Some have headaches, or other kinds of physical pain. While for others it would be like elevated blood pressure, dizziness, sexual dysfunction, appetite or sleeping problems. According to research stress is either directly or indirectly related to some major diseases like cancer, heart diseases, cirrhosis etc. Suicide would be the major drastic step at times. Hence, it is important to detect early signs and try to handle it effectively without medications.
Everyone who has been at a job, at some point, felt the pressure of work. Sometimes it would be the short deadlines or even the not so friendly co-workers. To a short time such stress acts as a Eustress but as long as it proceeds it becomes harmful- both for physical and mental health. Let’s look at a few steps which we can take to handle the stress at work:

Make the Mornings Brighter

“Sun doesn’t rise in the east, but it’s the Earth which revolves around the Sun”. Same goes for your mornings. No morning is bad, it’s your mind which perceive it so. Try to kick start a better morning with a smile. More importantly try to be an early riser than a night Owl and use the time for something productive. It has been scientifically proven that our brain works best in the mornings. You can even use this time to complete the unfinished tasks at job. Spending some time doing yoga or a brisk walk is not a bad idea. This is something for which you need ample patience and will power. You can feel the change in the first day itself.

Understand Yourself

It is very important to have a deep understanding about yourself. Take a note of your positives and negatives. Don’t try to make judgments since, it’s purely for awareness. Once you know what you are good at you can boost your confidence by making it better. As far as the negatives are concerned, try to improve them. Seek for suggestions and advises. ‘Nobody is perfect’, what we can make perfect is our attitude. When there is a clarity in self, problems become clear and so does the solutions.

Know Your Stressors

What seems stressful for you may not be stressful to the person sitting right next to you. So the next time you feel like being stressed, take your notebook and make a note of it. Try to keep a record. Every day before going to bed have a look at the book. Try to continue the same for some days and you will get an idea of what disturbs you the most. And likewise you can reduce the general feeling of work stress to a more specific feeling. There is a human tendency to generalize the feelings. Like if a child doesn’t like a teacher, she/he will literally start hating the whole school. So, try not to make the same mistake in your work life.

Take Your Time

We are living in the society of instant goodies. From noodles to curry, everything needs to be fast and instant. But you can’t always expect the same. There are situations where you need to have some patience because no miracle is going to happen in a night. To develop a new habit you need at least a fortnight. Always keep that in mind and never give up.

Practice Relaxation Techniques

There are various relaxation techniques which you could even do sitting at your work table. It may include the very famous deep breathing exercise, muscular relaxation or even some music. Both muscular relaxation and breathing is something for which you need to have an expert advice for better results. You can even get aid from You Tube app. It would be better if you could practice it three times a day according to your convenience.

Mind is the Key

Your mind has powers which you could have never imagined of. What you think and do is a direct influence of your sub consciousness. More deep is the unconscious mind. Every overt and covert action in life has been influenced by them. In cases of stress it’s sometimes our irrational beliefs which needs to be highlighted and transformed. You can even consult a psychologist who could actually help you out with this. The key focus will be to understand how irrelevant and irrational our thoughts are and how they are having a negative impact in your life.

Regular Working Hours

According to reports, about 30% of the people have an irregular work schedule. Such a time table will definitely affect the family relationships leading to conflict. This create or increase your amount of stress. So try to have a time table for self with frequent short breaks so that you will not experience burnout and also to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Disturbing the biological clock system itself is a matter of concern.

Focus on Your Physical Health

There is a straight two way relationship between your physical and mental health. It is of at most importance to have proper sleep and physical hygiene. You could experience the difference in work productivity between days when you have had a good sleep and nutritious breakfast and when you choose the other way. This will also give you a more pleasing personality.

Improve Your Social Life 

Humans are social animals and we can never survive alone. When you develop such great relationships at your workplace, work in itself become easy. The better your social skills better will be your relationship with others. Better the relationships, better will be your work. Better the work better will be the decrease in stress. It goes not only for work but in every aspects of life.
Stress in any situation has got own drastic effects. More importantly it’s not always yourself but your loved ones who get affected. According to Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders (DSM) 5, stress related disorders have been evolved in itself as a new category in itself. Fortunately it can be easily managed if noticed early.

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