What Is Influencer Marketing? How to Work with Social Media Influencers

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Ever wondered why some people on social media post videos of them talking about a particular product or post photos and write about it.? Well, this is a new kind of marketing which has become very effective in recent years.

Influencer marketing can be called a combination of both traditional and modern-day marketing. It uses the traditional ideas of celebrity endorsement into the modern-day content-driven marketing.

Influencer marketing is not to be mistaken with celebrity endorsement. Though the ideas seem similar, these two are very different from each other. Celebrity endorsement is when a celebrity (sports/movies/shows) endorse a product and reach out to millions. On the other hand, in influencer marketing, certain people who are trusted in certain niche communities talk or write about a brand that they actually use or prefer, which can have an impact on their followers.
Now let’s look at why influencer marketing is so relevant in modern times.

Boost Brand Awareness:

When an influencer promotes or talks about a brand on their social media accounts, their followers who are large in numbers are likely to take notice. This would in turn help to boost the awareness for your brand.

Credible Source:

Followers of a particular influencer place a kind of trust in them which is why it becomes all the more reliable when an influencer shares something about a brand or gives feedback on it because these are considered really genuine.

Easy Targeting:

Since the influencers have followers in their niche domain because of their interest in what the influencer does, be it fashion blogging, cooking, travelling or anything of that sort, it becomes much easier to target the audience and hence endorse the brand that matches with the interest of the influencers thereby creating more awareness.

Customer Engagement:

When an influencer shares content about any brand, if the follower actually likes it he or she may share it on their page or tag their friends further increasing the reach. Another example of customer engagement is when influencers announce Instagram giveaways to boost the reach of the brand they have partnered with.

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In this modern-day of social media, it is needless to say that influencer marketing is truly influencing millions and creates a much loyal image for the brand than any other marketing medium.