Why Should You Work Smart Instead of Hard?

Ever since one can remember, the term ‘Hard Work’ has been imbibed in his or her minds by parents, teachers, and everyone around. And growing up it has constantly been the prerequisite for success or rather believes to be so. But this fast-paced modern era has redefined this term and proved that what actually a person is required to do is ‘Smartwork’ and not merely hard work. What makes smart work distinct from d hard work. Let’s dig in.

Less Resources

Smart work simply means doing the work with lesser effort and less time than hard work. Lesser efforts don’t imply that a person becomes lethargic and puts off the work that he has to do. It would imply to put in less physical effort from one’s side. Less time is required because of the less amount of effort


Creativity is the secret recipe for smart work. If one has to complete a task with fewer resources as mentioned above, then he ought to have the out of the box thinking, the creative skills, which can make him work smarter.

The goal is Achievement, not Completion

Hardworking is simply aimed at completing the task on time whereas in smart work the person is willing to put in his creativity, ideas, and confidence into something that will give him a sense of achievement and not just task completion.

Rejuvenating not repeating

Another major difference between smart work and hard work is that the former is more rejuvenating than the latter. Hard Work is often characterized by repetitive work which often makes it very boring. On the contrary, for doing smart work each time the person has to come up with new ways and ideas for doing the job, which is refreshing and rejuvenating and gives peace of mind too

hard work or smart work

Though hard work also has its benefits, comparatively smart work leads. Smart work can bring success in ways one cannot imagine. So choose to work smarter not harder!!